raku bottle vase

£38.00 - £72.00
  • raku bottle vase
  • raku bottle vase
  • raku bottle vase
  • raku bottle vase
  • raku bottle vase

A striking Raku bottle vase.

Thrown on the wheel of extra-strong stoneware clay, I bisque-fired the vase to 1000 degrees C before applying the glaze. I then fired it again to the same temperature and transferred it in its hot state to a drum of wood shavings which ignited in the intense heat. With the drum closed the fire extracted oxygen from both the glaze and the clay. The thermal shock produced the desired primary and secondary crazing while smoke turned the unglazed surfaces almost black.

Beautiful with or without flowers.
The inside of the vase has been treated to hold water.

Choose between 2 sizes and glazes

Height: 17 cm
Base diameter 10.5 cm

Height: 12 cm
Base diameter 9 cm

Raku-firing which originated in Japan is by definition unpredictable. It really is a matter of handing control to the flames. Each finished piece is unique - with beautiful primary and secondary crazing encircling the piece and an interplay and fusion of the glazes applied.